Happy Birthday Ernest Frederick McIntyre Bickel Fredric March
 31 August 1897 – 14 April 1975


Fredric March on What’s My Line?

Cary Grant and Fredric March, The Eagle and the Hawk (1933)

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Name: Allie
Birthday: May 30
Favorite color: violet
Lucky number: 52
Height: 5’6”
Talents: I have a really good memory, especially when it comes to birthdays and things about my favorite directors/actors. 

Last dream you remember: I was in a very crowded movie theatre, and nobody was being quiet during the film!! I remember feeling very upset and thinking that I was going to have to pay to see the movie again so I could understand everything that was going on. (This probably qualifies as a nightmare, tbh.)
Can you juggle?: Nope.
Art/sports/both: Both, to an extent. I’m horrible at all things artsy, but I certainly appreciate the arts. Obviously I’m a film buff, but I like art history and music too. In regards to sports, I love baseball, like basketball and some Olympic sports, and hate American football and hockey.
Do you like writing?: Not really. I did keep a film journal for 3 years, but then I gave it up because it got too tedious for my liking.   

Do you like dancing?: I’ll dance to the music when I’m at a concert/festival, but that’s about it.
Do you like singing?: When I’m alone.


Dream vacation: There are so many options: i) Costa Rica to visit the sloth sanctuary!, ii) Anywhere in Europe, especially France and Spain, iii) Tanzania, iv) I’d like to revisit Australia to see the platypuses again and also go to Tasmania and New Zealand 
Dream guy/gal: Intelligent with a good sense of humor. Someone who likes good films because, to quote Godard, “I feel that a man and a woman who do not like the same films will eventually divorce.” Someone who isn’t too proud to say I’m sorry. Someone who wants to travel the world but also doesn’t mind spending a whole day in bed from time to time.
Dream wedding: If I ever am to get married, I’d like a very small destination wedding. I also want my dogs to be there.
Dream pet: A French bulldog named François
Dream job: Robert Osbourne’s job on TCM
Favorite song: Apartment Story by The National
Least favorite song: 
Least favorite album: 
Least favorite artist: I’m don’t think I can answer these last three questions. If I don’t like something, I try to ignore it the best I can.


Guys/girls/both: Both
Hair color: Blonde for girls and dark hair for guys.
Eye color: I love green eyes, and like Theresa said, the dark hair/light eye combination is very nice.

Humorous/serious: Everybody needs a balance of both.
Taller/shorter: Girls can be shorter, but I like guys who are at least my height (5’6”).
Biggest turn-off: Someone who thinks they are better than others.
Biggest turn-on: Intelligent conversation and a good listener.


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What is a ghost? A tragedy condemned to repeat itself time and again? An instant of pain, perhaps. Something dead which still seems to be alive. An emotion suspended in time. Like a blurred photograph. Like an insect trapped in amber.

The Devil’s Backbone (2001)

David Lynch’s ice bucket challenge


There’s something in the air here, it makes everything exaggerated.

Black Narcissus (1947), Michael Powell

Jean-Paul Belmondo and director François Truffaut on the set of La sirène du Mississipi

2014 U.S. Little League Champions!